Dom Perignon

Dom Pérignon Vintage 2008

Dom Pérignon Vintage 2008

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Dom Pérignon has a creative ambition, the quest for harmony as a source of emotion. All creative processes have their constraints. For Dom Pérignon, it is the vintage. The 2008 vintage was dominated by dull grey skies, despite it being a year in a decade with plentiful and impressive amounts of sunshine. Nothing can ever be taken for granted. The month of September brought a late, miraculous and welcome shift in the weather. The fruit ripened, and better than anyone could have hoped. Dom Pérignon Vintage 2008 has long been restrained, but now finally appears, and is completely coherent. Its slender, minimalist, and athletic character now also expresses itself with warmth. The fruit is pronounced and clear. Its aromatic persistence is remarkably intense.

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