Château d’Esclans

Rock Angel 2022

Rock Angel 2022

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Rock Angel 2022 emerges as a testament to the discerning palate of true rosé enthusiasts. This formidable blend transcends the ordinary, boasting a nuanced and meticulously crafted flavor profile that sets it apart from its peers in the realm of premium rosés.

Partially nurtured in the embrace of French oak, this rosé achieves a remarkable balance, offering a luxurious, almost velvety texture devoid of overt oakiness. Its affinity for culinary delights is unmatched, thanks to its inherent structure and decadent character. A subtle interplay of sweetness and nuttiness graces the palate upon each sip, while a refreshing acidity lends a crisp, enduring finish to the experience.


Store horizontally in a cool (10-15°C), dark place away from vibrations
Contains sulphites
13.50 %
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Appearance: Shiny and transparent rosé colour.

Aroma: Delicate red berry aromas with mineral notes.

Taste: A delicate infusion of oak imparts a luxuriously creamy texture, while the steadfast acidity lends a firm backbone to the experience. Prepare for a lingering, satin-smooth finish that leaves an indelible mark on the senses.


This is a rosé with a decent amount of structure that will pair with most seafood dishes. Try it alongside shellfish, including oysters, grilled mahi mahi with asparagus, smoked salmon with dill, and spaghetti alle vongole.


Côtes de Provence, France. Château d’Esclans, a magical property, is situated in the heart of Provence, northeast of St. Tropez overlooking La Vallée d’Esclans (the Esclans Valley) with the Mediterranean coast in the faint distance. The vision of Sacha Lichine (Founder) with his acquisition of the Château in 2006 was to create the greatest rosés in the world igniting the “Rosé Renaissance”.