Cape Mentelle

About the brand

Cape Mentelle’s success was the result of a family’s labour of love and one man’s unfaltering belief that Australian wines belonged amongst the greatest of the world. Thanks to their determination and the award of prestigious wine trophies in the Estate’s early years, Cape Mentelle and its founder, David Hohnen, contributed significantly to putting Margaret River on the global map and establishing the region’s reputation in fine winemaking. Driven by a strong ethos of exploration, the team continues to strive to uncover new expressions of the terroir through variety exploration and bespoke techniques.

The range

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Behind the label


One of Margaret River’s founding wineries, Cape Mentelle was established with just 16 hectares of vines by David Hohnen and his brothers in 1970. Today the vineyards cover more than 130 hectares, and the estate has won two of the most celebrated winemaking awards in Australia.