About the brand

Sixty years ago, Robert Jean de Vogüé, at the time President of Moët & Chandon, and a handful of other exceptional individuals had the vision, courage and drive to redefine luxury sparkling wine. 

They realised that there was a way to make it modern; and that was to take it far, far from home, exporting their centuries old know how, not the bottles. What they created was a thrilling paradox: a heritage brand with dynamism in its DNA. CHANDON. 

Now spanning four continents, we have wineries in Argentina, California, Brazil, Australia, China and India, making ours the largest sparkling vineyard worldwide and the only domain on which the sun never sets. 

Drawing on a collaborative network of sixteen winemakers of seven different nationalities, we stand for new terroirs, innovative methods and an ever curious outlook that happily unites our diverse lands and people. CHANDON opens up a world of possibilities. 

The range

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Behind the label


At Chandon, we’ve always taken risks because we’ve always believed it was riskier not to take them. John Wright, who ran Chandon California at the time, took a risk on our land of opportunity. He visited Victoria in 1982 and was chuffed with the can-do spirit of the Australians. The boss, Phillipe Coulon, visited soon after and gave his tick of approval. They then tasked the legendary oenologist Tony Jordan with the unenviable task of finding the perfect land to begin a vineyard.