About the brand

The House of Ruinart was founded on September 1, 1729 by Nicolas Ruinart. His uncle, a learned Benedictine monk called Dom Thierry Ruinart had incredible insight. He foretold that this new “wine with bubbles”, developed in his native region of Champagne and which the royal courts of Europe adored, was destined for a bright future.

The creation of the House of Ruinart coincided with the dawn of the Enlightenment in France and of the French “art de vivre”. There arose in France a true culture of everything good and beautiful, favouring fine and elegant, light and sophisticated, delicate and rare taste. The Cuvées naturally found their place.

Driven by a constant quest for excellence and the absolute, the House selected chardonnay, a rare and fragile grape variety, as the common thread for all its Cuvées.

The range

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Behind the label


Ruinart, the “Jewel of Champagne”, benefits form a long heritage of forward-thinkers, with the Ruinart family expressing the best of chardonnay for over two centuries. Symbolic of timeless elegance and refinement, this noble Champagne inspires desire throughout the world.